A Small Piece of France mod for Farming Simulator 2013
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A Small Piece of France v 1

sorry the BGA does not work on this version of the card, I post a corrected version of the map

by Charlo512 added on

checksum: 2ff8e13402f7a270aa3aedf3175466dc
Version: 1
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Charlo512
price in shop: LS
name in shop: A Small piece of France
description in shop: A Small piece of France by Charlo512


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  1. Charlo512

  2. Nab170_v-contentgross

    Wo kann ich denn Mist aufladen? Ansonsten sehr schöne kleine Map !

  3. Charlo512

    I don't have any problems with the PDA , In SP same as MP
    are you sure it's no a mod who create this problem ?
    L'pompier du 28 j'ai utiliser google map avec map guide pour creer cette carte elle ressemble donc forcement a l'originale.

  4. Kann mir jemand sagen wiso ich bei manchen Maps kein PDA
    habe, stattdesen sieht es so aus wie in Bild 12

  5. I live in France and this map does not match at all ....

  6. Charlo512

  7. Data26

    Thx for that cool Map,like it verry much!