Container east mod for Farming Simulator 2011
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Container east v 1.0

Successfully tested with sand, soybeans, peas, sunflower seeds, carrots, herbs, manure, chaff, canola, corn, barley, wheat, sugar, fertilizer, poppies, potatoes,




by Iveko33 added on

checksum: 330ab002975d53868a5831a195850456
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: container
price in shop: 9530 LS
name in shop: container
description in shop: container
Modell: ??????
Textur: Ls2011
In-Game: Ls2011
Script (Washable.lua): Manuel Leithner

  • 81280
    by Iveko33
    ago over 4 years
  • 81372
    by djmike35
    ago over 4 years
  • 81286
    ago over 4 years

Modell: GTS Textur: LS2011 In-Game: LS2011 Script: Manuel Leithner
  • attachable
  • animatedVehicle
  • cylindered
  • fillable
  • Trailer
  • washable

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  1. Superbauer-lukas

  2. Btsv,,

    hallo ich brauche hilfe
    wie kann ich die Erbsen ernten
    weil alles geht nur die dinger nicht was muß ich dafür haben . danke

  3. 83871x1024y768,property=data,lang=de_de

  4. Grubbern

    Ja,, der funzt 1 A.. mit allen Fruchtsorten