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This is a bugfix release for Courseplay. All unloading triggers should now be recognized and used correctly again.

What is Courseplay?

Courseplay is a tool for having machines perform many different tasks for you. Ones that the default AI helper can't do. For example, Courseplay is perfect for unloading a combine, driving the chaff from the chopper to the farm or the BGA.

Courseplay has been developed continually during the past 3 years. By now, you can even press bales, collect hay, cultivate, fertilize or seed fields, mow some grass or empty your BGA silo.

How to install Courseplay?

Patch v1.40 has to be installed.

Copy the file to the C:\Users\[User name]\My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods directory. That's all, folks!

How to operate Courseplay?

All informations concerning operation, functions, changes etc. are explained in detail on the Courseplay website.

Changes in version 3.41

Drivers will recognize tip triggers again (instead of ignoring them after the 3rd, 4th drive-through. Includes performance improvements in finding tip triggers.

All other changes and fixes are listed on our website.

Known bugs in version 3.41

  • Multiplayer synchronisation only works once in a blue moon. Bigger construction site, that is.

Important: general procedure when experiencing errors

  1. No support via PM!
  2. Have a look if somebody else has already mentioned the bug.
  3. Have a look if the bug already is in the bug tracker or in the issues section on GitHub.
  4. State the Courseplay version you're using. You can find it in the log.
  5. List the used machinery and/or objects (everything, from the weights to the trailer, from the barrier to the shovel, from the twin wheels to the tractor to the front loader).
  6. Try to isolate the error as much as possible: only have one vehicle active with Courseplay, instead of many at the same time.
  7. Situation: what did you do? What was the goal? When did the error occur? Is the error reproducable?
  8. Post your log entries, if need be, post the whole log.



- Lautschreier (Grundversion / base version)
- Hummel (
- Wolverin0815 (Feldarbeitsmodus, HUD, ... / fieldwork mode, hud, ...)
- Bastian82 (Feldarbeitsmodus, Optimierungen, ... / fieldwork mode, optimizations, ...)
- Skydancer (Feldkursgenerierung, Güllezubringerunterstützung, ... / course generation, liquid manure transfer, ...)
- Jakob Tischler (all kinds of unnecessary stuff)
- Thomas Gärtner (Everything. And more... Also, the devil's work.)


  • 21 May 21:01
    Version 3.41




checksum: 2f6eaf94acfa5ea8357080ec3cddf19d
Version: 3.41
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Hummel ( / Lautschreier / Wolverin0815 / Bastian82 / Jakob Tischler / Thomas Gärtner
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21.05 2013
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V 3.41
Farming Simulator 2013
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12 Comments for Courseplay

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  1. nelsonrm 21. 11 2014

    I get the impression from the Courseplay website that a 4.0 beta version is available but when I click the link it takes me to the V3.41 download.

  2. farmwhat 29. 09 2014

    Warum haben manche orte nicht Automatisch entladen Wie biogas.

  3. anpaes 30. 05 2014

    Hello to all farmers, I wonder when the new leaves of courseplay vercion because with both new maps that vercion creeo 3.41 colaczando much longer headings and causes some himages and the game itself is conjelen. I already have the problem with several games when I have saved more than four or two in execution path.

    grace around the contribution made to play better

  4. dangeon 14. 07 2013


    I would ask you if possible to use courseplay for drive two combines side by side in one field (as mod "Hirable tools").

    If is possible How i make it?

    Big thanks for attention.

    1 replies

  5. stüdi 23. 05 2013

    bei mir hat es noch recht viele logfehler und wen ich eine weile ca 30min spiele erstarrt plötzlich die kamera (nicht orginal map) bitte um hilfe

    1 replies

  6. Flywheel 22. 05 2013

    Thank you, brilliant, as usual! Thanks to the whole team.


  7. MariusE 21. 05 2013

    Dieser Fehler ist mir auch aufgefallen, gibt es da bereits Lösungsansätze, wie man das vermeiden kann?

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