Sampo Rosenlew 2045 mod for Farming Simulator 2011
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Sampo Rosenlew 2045 v 1

Sampo Rosenlew Combine Harvester

Grain tank capasity 5500l.



Combine autopilot "Numpad 0"

Straw Toggle "M"

ESLimiter "PageUp /PageDown"


by alex2112 added on

checksum: 2864effdae874ad230b6420c897b6c32
Version: 1
multiplayer ready? no
Author: GIANTS Software GmbH
price in shop: 17150 LS
name in shop: CH 4800
description in shop: CH 4800 cutter for Sampo Rosenlew 2045. PURE FINNISH QUALITY!
Modell, textures, ingame: Tepa00
Beta test: teemes
Width:4,8 m
LS2011 Alex2112
checksum: d7d6a095b88c31a62b67b105b69b7991
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: Rafa
price in shop: 85000 LS
name in shop: Sampo Rosenlew 2045 HYDROTUBO
description in shop: Sampo Rosenlew Combine Harvester
Graintank capasity 5500l.
Ingame, modelling, text

Ingame, modelling, texturing: Tepa00
Beta test: teemes
LS2011 Alex2112
  • motorized
  • steerable
  • cylindered
  • combine
  • hirable
  • AICombine
  • honk
  • kompass
  • ESLimiter
  • operatingHours
  • strawSpec
  • autopilotCombine

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  1. Massey%20ferguson%2065%20001

    umgebauter originaler deutz sieht aber klasse aus bis auf die kabine

  2. John-deere-7930,104350000076040_1

  3. Eyelids%20026