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TripleFarming Map v 2.1


Hello community


The new map TripleFarming is a triple agriculture.

triple = agriculture, animal husbandry and production


Ne great description I will not do , because it's anyway no one reads !


On the map there are five productions.

Bakery : Wheat , barley, sunflowers and water brings back one , rolls do you get the sale .

Canning : water , tomatoes , cucumbers and carrots brings you down , you get Gemüdekonserven

Concrete Factory: sand, gravel and water brings you out concrete slabs are brought to the site

Apple orchard : Crap, water and manure carry you sell apples on the various outlets .

Brewery: Barley, Hops (available from Lanhandel ) hinbringen and water to get beer



Here are a few links so that the map works correctly .


TripleFarming ModPack :

Traffic Light Mod:
StopMilkSale :
Bank of Hagenstett :
Liquid manure trailer :
Milk trailers :
Water Trailer:
Pigs and Rintertransporter :




No other maps in modfolder and scripts , such as manure , manure - Mod , Water - Mod , Mod PDA etc.

Have you something in there, come back in Komentarbereich statements such as : " The map is not that jerky " or what I knows what.


About FB have more than a dozen people who tested ... Map The map is not jerky !
If they stutter with you, please Clear the map again , buying NEN decent computer , or empty your modfolder times with mods that you do not smoke anyway !


I allow anyone to take scripts, objects , or otherwise from the map to build this into their own map and to publish again ! There are converted scripts, buildings, etc , where I got myself the releases themselves for this map . If this someone here only for his own private purpose , he can do it .


Please respect this simple mappers and we accept this, or ye can in the future play the standard map, because no more enjoyment of building and scripting has . Thank you!



So, now I wish you much fun while playing .

Greetings GE mapping
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checksum: 6ec9a55c5fba454cd54ea78bd3b32af9
Version: 2.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: GE-Mapping
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Dreifach Landwirtschaft V2.1
description in shop: Diese Map beinhaltet Ackerbau, Viehzucht, Produktion.

WICHTIG!!! Nur diese Map und Skripte im Mods-Ordner haben!

Staudamm by Farmerahner
Strassenset by atze1978
Futterlager by Ganelcer
Maschinenhalle by SLJ-AGRAR
Tanksäule by Kolbenfresser
Gewege by Desperados93
AllInOneSilo by TMT-Team
WoolPaletteCollector by Marhu
Baustellenleuchte: Skript by Alex2009
kleine Industrie by marjas31
24m Waage by Marc85, Skript by Blacky_BPG
18m Waage by Repi, Script by Blacky_BPG
Mischstation by Marhu
Ampeln by Bluebaby210
Digitale Anzeigen by Blacky_BPG
Waschhalle by matzesft; Script by Blacky_BPG
Kuhstall by TT-Modding
Umbau Rinderzucht by LS 2013 Modding

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