Valtra BM 125I mod for Farming Simulator 2013
checksum: 1c8d73cb61092dd9de09978d993c31a0
Version: 2.0
multiplayer ready? no
price in shop: 128000 LS
name in shop: BM125i---FBT-Modding
description in shop: Trator valtra Linha Média de trabalho.
Equipado com o motor AGCO POWER 420dSA trabalhando com diesel ou bio-diesel
Com 4 cilindros de 132CV de potencia Turbo Intercooler
Modelo/Texturas/scripts:FBT Modding
Convert to FS13:Guilherme(Styller

Modelo/Texturas/scripts:FBT Modding
Convert to FS13:Guilherme(Styller Games)
  • motorized
  • steerable
  • hirable
  • aiTractor
  • animatedVehicle
  • cylindered
  • valmet128
  • operatingHours
  • extraWeights
  • passenger
  • beleuchtung
  • ESLimiter

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  1. Totenfarmer

    It looks so nice, hope you will get together a v2 with "errors" fixed, that would really make me enjoy this :)

  2. Bauerheini

    Ähm ja... der download war eine minute Zeitverschwendung. Keine RUL, keine Arbeitslichter, Keine Scheiben, Beschleunigung zu hoch, Preis auch zu hoch... sorry aber da gibts wirklich nix zu loben dran.