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Courseplay mod script (current working version) This is probably the most popular mod in the game. The Kursplay script allows you to create routes and tasks for various types of equipment in the game, and then complete them. This means that by creating a route for your tractor, or, for example, a truck, it will independently perform the specified work without your further participation. As you can understand, this is much more interesting and, moreover, more functional than standard wage workers in FS 2019. After downloading and installing the Courseplay modification in the game Farmer Simulator 19, you can create routes for various agricultural equipment. As an example, if you need to send a tractor for some work: for plowing the land, sowing the future crop or harvesting it, then you only need to specify the field number. You can teach a truck to deliver some of your goods for sale or to transport goods from point B to point A. It all depends on your imagination, because the script has a lot of possibilities. How to use the Coursplay mod in FS 19? Nothing complicated really! After you have downloaded and installed this mod, you need to press the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl plus Delete. A menu in Russian will appear before your eyes. Everything in it is quite simple and clear. But, in short, it all comes down to creating a route for the unit of equipment you need and its further reproduction, that is, you indicate where to go, what route, and what to do in the end. True, there is one BUT: the first time to create a route, you have to drive it yourself. Thus, you indicate the sequence points, turns, etc. Well, then the technique will already remember the route and your actions and will be able to move independently.



  • 29 Dec 13:14
    Version 6.01.00350

  • 27 Nov 11:38
    Version 6.01.00342

  • 22 Nov 15:38
    Version 6.01.00341

  • 21 Nov 11:47
    Version 6.01.00335




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Version: 6.01.00350
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Author: Courseplay.devTeam
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21.11 2019
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V 6.01.00350
Farming Simulator 19
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V 6.01.00342
Farming Simulator 19
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V 6.01.00341
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7 Comments for Courseplay

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  1. Es gibt noch keine CP 6.02.00050!! Download steigern?
    Es gibt erst v6.02.00047
    Was für ein Spinner

  2. Die neueste Version ist die V 6.01.00360, sie arbeitet super mit AD zusammen, bis jetzt bei mir Fehlerfrei auf der Flusstal V2 xxxl und anderen Maps. ich Spiele sie schon mehrere Monate.

  3. Allerdings habe ich das Problem das bei Mods mit IC Steuerung das Problem das IC nicht geeignete FÜR Courseplay
    des weiteren Courseplay ist nicht richtig für Multiplayer zu gebrauchen erkennt nicht richtig den Feldrand lässt dahin viele Platz ( In normal Spiele geht alles )
    des Weiteren mit den Ordners und man kann nix Löschen oder des gleiche
    Es gibt immer noch keine Eignenden Ordner für Multiplayer u.s.w

  4. oling1952 06. July

    Die Versionen sind ja Asbach Uralt!
    Aktuell 6.02.00037 und gleich oder morgen schon wieder alt!

  5. olli14 25. June

    Hallo bei mir wird der Courseplay nicht in der Tastatureinstellungen angezeigt so das ich da die Einstellung ändern kann

  6. Wondernut 02. March

    Does this need unzipped because just dropping zip in mod folder does not work

  7. Kankakee 30. 12 2019

    Can some one plz tell me how to make this courseplay mod WORK?