John Deere 7030 Serie

V 2.2 mod for Farming Simulator 17

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John Deere 7030 Series (New Model) for Farming Simulator 2017.




Properties of mod:


New Tractor Model John Deere 7030 Series (7730, 7830, 7930)


Fully washable


Selection: Front hydraulics or front weight


The choice of engine power (220HP, 235HP, 250HP)


Moves the front axle


Interactive Control (IC)


Shine texture


Full animation of the front suspension


Possibility to open left door on the outside of the tractor


Silenced cabin


Reclining passenger seat


Animated joystick


Adjust the steering column


Buy twin wheels


Buy balancing weights


Darker Dynamic extraction system


Foldable front arm


Opened the door, rear window


Working light, turn signals, brake lights


Folding warning sign


The dust under the wheels


Tachometer and speedometer


Movable front fender


Animated hydraulics


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* Please keep the original link.


* Please estimate my work and please do not edit this version.




* You can move mod on other forums just copy the whole thing.


Script:Rysiu77,Manuel Leithner, MajsteR


  • 30 Mar 20:49
    Version 2.2

    *Animation Scheibenwischer (IC Steuerung)
    *Breite Räder
    *Michelin Reifen
    *Zusatz Reifendruckanlage (IC Steuerung)
    *Repariert alle Erkannt Fehler auf Dedi Server
    *Verbesserte Heckaushebung
    *Visuelle Änderungen,Kleinere Anpassungen

  • 07 Mar 20:47
    Version 2.1

    *Neue Funktionen auf Interaktive Steuerung
    *FL Konsole
    *Verbessertes Modell
    *Neue Schaltflächen für Interaktive Steuerung
    *Verbessert waschbar(Neue Texturen Schmutz)
    *Repariert Heckkraftheber
    *Kleinere Anpassungen, Verbesserungen und Feinjustierungen

  • 27 Feb 21:31
    Version 2.0

    *Neue realistischere Textur und reduziertem Glanz
    *Neue Textur Schmutz(Neue Farbe von Schmutz)
    *Neue Konfigurationen von Rädern
    *Die Fähigkeit den Traktor zu registrieren
    *Abmontiert die vorderen Kotflügel
    *Mod Passagier
    *Mod arbeitet mit Course Play
    *Repariert alle Erkannt Fehler

  • 23 Feb 21:14
    Version 1.0




23.02 2017
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V 2.2
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Farming Simulator 17
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  1. snottus 21. May

    Hey Rysiu,

    I've added optional front narrow tires to your mod - I have a question however.

    As you can see in the image I've uploaded there's a small segment of rim missing from the front rim, between the outer and inner rim.

    I've tried figuring out how you've added it on the rear rim but without any luck. Is that middle piece something from a texture file perhaps?

  2. snottus 17. May

    Absolutely Fantastic mod, Rysiu!

    Is there any way you could add narrow twin-tires front and rear as an option?

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