Siebenhöfen mod for Farming Simulator 2013
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Siebenhöfen v 2.0

1 Foreword
On the Map " Siebenhöfen " to farm a small farm with cattle , pigs and biogas plant. The maximum arable area is approximately 50ha .
I built the map according to my ideas . It is not a " full-size map" and built closely in some places . The fields are not aligned at an angle . Courseplay and other gadgets are so difficult. Please this information, I consider if someone wants to get rid of criticism. Personally I 'm going to play in single player with the MoreRealistic Mod . For this, I guess it is just right.
2 the Map
The map needs the patch 2.0 or newer .
The Court :
2 Machine Shops
1 grain storage
Potato and beet storage in a hall
Seed and fertilizer storage
muck heap
cow pasture
Manure pit ( Eifok Güllemod ready , standard trigger also available)
Milchlkw gets the milk from the stable
pig :
The pig produces pigs , manure and slurry
The pigs must be fed with water and corn or potatoes, or turnips
The pigs are transported with the 7500 joskin Betimax ( included in pack ) to restaurant
2 large and 2 small silos
Manure pit with standard trigger and Eifoktrigger for Güllemod
beet sale
manure sale
Country Commerce :
Agravis country trade
Raiffeisen country trade
Both take different country trade goods at preferential prices
(both Lanshandel equipped with a weighbridge )
Herford Brewery:
Barley sale at a special price
Restaurant "Great view ":
corn sales
Potato sale at a special price
Pork sales from the mast
The map is AlternativeTipping ready . With the appropriate mod ( link below) you can unload anywhere .
The map is also as described above for the Güllemod from Eifok team prepared ( all necessary trigger installed )
In the map the PDA fix is installed . Now the pigs and manure sales are displayed correctly , as well as some other things that are not standard in the PDA .
I play on the map with MR . If so determined not fit things for the vanilla gameplay so be it ;)
3 Specifications
Zip size of the map : 105MB
V- Ram : about 270MB
Construction time: about 3 months
4 ModPack
ReadMe PDF
Excel table with fields whose sizes and prices
MapViewer overlay files
5 Recommended Mods
MapViewer Fox - Alpha ( )
AlternativeTipping ( )
GPS mod v2.0 [ MP ] ( )
Trailer for pigs
6 Credits
Eifok team
vanilla ice cream
graphic computer
FreddyK .
* Bandit *
If I forget whom , please contact us!
The map may be offered only to the original link in other forums or the like !
Keep the original download link !
Have fun with the map ;)

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