Unimog 406 cabrio

V 1.0 mod for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011

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This mod is scaled 1:1.

This is the Unimog 406 cabrio version (agrar), it is in 1:1 scale. The front and rear hydraulics are fully animated. But umfortunably the mod is not MP ready.

It`s got some great features like:


1.       Interactive Control (key SPACE)

·         open/close doors

·         open/close hood

·         open/close roof (cabrio)

·         attach/dettach door windows

·         turn on/off lights

·         turn on/off worklights front

·         turn on/off worklights back

·         turn on/off engine

2.       BEL v3.1

·         worklights front ( key NUM_5)

·         worklights back (( key NUM_6)

·         dirLeft (key NUM_1)

·         dirRight (key NUM_3)

·         warning (key NUM_2)

3.       ES Limiter

·         Increase Enginespeed (key PageUP)

·         Decrease Enginespeed (key PageDOWN)

4.       Manual ignition (key KP_ENTER)

5.       Variable Body (key 7)

·         normal kipper (capacity 4250) – wheat, barley, rape, maize, chaff, grass, manure, fertilizer.

·         extended kipper (capacity 6280) – wheat, barley, rape, maize, chaff, grass, manure, fertilizer.

·         silage kipper (capacity 9080) –chaff, grass.

6.       Variable Tip (key 6)

·         left

·         right

·         back

7.       Allrad (4WD) on/off (key U)

8.       Dynamic Exhausting System

9.       Operating Hours

10.   Odometer

11.   Power Shaft Attacher

12.   Speed Display Control (shows speed)

13.   Animated RPM on dash, wipers, gas pedal, brake pedal, ...

14.   Wheel Dirt Specialization – leaves tracks when you drive off the field

15.   Wheel Particles


Warning: you can not attach an implement on rear attacher joint if the kipper is not empty!



I am really sorry that I did not put the credits for the kipper "aufbau" that I took from the Krone Emsland trailer and install them in my mod! 



Modell: Eicher-Fan
Textur: Bullet
Used-Textur/Convert: Katsuo
Ingame/Script: fruktor (Hilken Script)/Börndi


Other credits:


Original modell: box5diesel (Rigs of Rods) - Thank you for permission
Kabrio umbau: CebuljCek (borutcebulj)
Textures: box5diesel, CebuljCek (borutcebulj)
CebuljCek (borutcebulj)

Unimog406cabrio.lua - Mofa-Killer, Face, CebuljCek (borutcebulj), modelleicher

ControlPanelAttacher - Manuel Leithner
Beleuchtung v3.1 - Sven777b
DynamicExhaustingSystem - Manuel Leithner
ESLimiter - Manuel Leithner
InteractiveControl v2.0 - Manuel Leithner
manualIgnition - Templaer, Andreas Schneider, Mofa-Killer
Odometer - Robert Hostens
OperatingHours - Manuel Leithner
PloughingSpec - Burner
PowerShaftAttacher - Manuel Leithner
RadsturzV2 - modelleicher
SpeedDisplayControl - Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
SuspensionAxisWheelSteering - Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
VariableBody - fruktor
VariableTip - fruktor
WheelDirtSpecialization - Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
wheelParticle - ???


Special thanks goes to >>modelleicher<< that helped me with the scripts. Thank you.


Der mod darf auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht werden so lange der ORIGINAL LINK verwendet wird!
Es dürfen keine Teile aus diesem mod unter anderem Link veröffentlicht werden !!

The mod may be published on other sites as long as the ORIGINAL LINK will be used!
There may be no parts of this mod publicated !!


Enjoy it!
 CebuljCek (borutcebulj)

creative commons license 
Unimog 406 cabrio by CebuljCek (borutcebulj) is licensed under a Creative Commons Priznanje avtorstva-Nekomercialno-Brez predelav 3.0 Nedolo?ena License.
Ustvarjena na podlagi dela, dostopnega na http://www.modhoster.de/mods/unimog-406-cabrio.
Dodatna dovoljenja, ki jih ne obsega ta licenca, so dostopna na http://www.modhoster.de/community/user/borutcebulj.


Manuel Leithner
Templaer, Andreas Schneider, Mofa-Killer
Robert Hostens
Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
CebuljCek (borutcebulj)
Katsuo, Eicher-Fan, Bullet, Börndi


  • 09 Jul 08:23
    Version 1.0




checksum: 8eed35d2ac058816d0fca5dbec325567
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: CebuljCek
price in shop: 19950 LS
name in shop: Unimog 406 (U900) cabrio - Baujahr 1973
description in shop: Motor: 6 Zyl. Diesel, Reihe, Direkteinspritzer, Wasserkuehlung, 5675 ccm, 84 PS.
Antrieb: Vierrad, Vorderräder zuschaltbar. Getriebe: 6V, 2R, Synchron-Getriebe,
Differenzialsperren vorn/hinten.
Modell/Textur: CebuljCek
InGame/Script: CebuljCek

09.07 2012
Modhoster user rating
4.63 / 155 Votes


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V 1.0
Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011
15.6 MB 15390
09. 07 2012 15,390

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