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  1. NSMT 07. 11 2013

    Thank you all for feedback
    team now works on new version and I can say now, that it wil have new textures, sounds, fixed bugs and not only that...
    Mr.Zero / Member of NSMT

  2. sfy 03. 12 2013

    it's a nice combine you guys have here, i use it on the farmers dream xxl multi map quite a bit. but it feels like i'm cheating using it since you guys forgot to give it a realistic price in the store.

  3. NSMT 04. 11 2013

    Vielen dank fuer video. Wir muessen fix fuer Deutsche info im shop und Helpfer mod machen. Leider niemand von uns hat deutsche LS2013 version und niemand hat Helfer getestet, weil fuer uns ist MP 100% OK prioritaet ;) Alles kommt mit neue version. Noch einmal vielen dank.

    Thank you for your video. Now we have more information about german translation - we have to fix it, there is czech description - and nobody tested Helper mod because for us and our server is very important that MP works 100% wihtout problems and we do not use helper mod.
    All the fixes will come in new version...

    /Mr.Zero member of NSMT (NONSTOP server mod team)

  4. NSMT 04. 11 2013

    Schon jetzt arbeitet unsere team auf neue version welche kommt mit viele neue sachen welchen haben wir von spieler bekommt. (Sorry, meine Deutsch ist nich so gut ;-) ) So vielen dank f?r alle information und feedback :)

    Right now our team members are working on new version witch will comm with a lot of news based on playesr feedback. Thank you all for your feedback and information.

    /Mr.Zero - NONSTOP server mod team