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featured FS 2013 : Ferguson System Pack v 1.0 [mp]

Ferguson-system-pack Ferguson System Pack Mod
 Ferguson System Pack  The Ferguson TE20 is Genesis in the tractor world. It is the Northern Irish man Harry Ferguson that stamped his mark clearly on the tractor world with the invention of the “Ferguson...
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FS 2013 : Spring Hill Valley v 1.0 [mp]

Springhill-valley-the-springhill-farm-extension Spring Hill Valley Mod
Springhill Valley - The Springhill Farm Extension Springhill Valley is an extended version of the popular Springhill Farm map. There are 193 Acres (78 Hectares) of prime agricultural land at your disposal...
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FS 2013 : Ford Force Conversions v 1.0 [mp]

Ford-force-conversions Ford Force Conversions Mod
 Ford Force Conversions There was a time when Four Wheel Drive wasn't a factory fitted option on tractors. Independent companies such as County and Roadless made conversions of mainstream 2wd tractors...
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featured FS 2013 : Krone Swadro Rakes v 1.0 [mp]

Krone-swadro-rakes Krone Swadro Rakes Mod
Krone Rake Pack Krone are widely known for their farm machinery and are no strangers to the Farming Simulator game; with a number of their machines present in the game. Until now, we have created...
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FS 2013 : Kane Trailers v 1.0 [sp]

Kane-trailers Kane Trailers Mod
Kane Trailers Pack Kane Trailers are based outside Ballynahinch, Co Down, Northern Ireland and are best known for their silage trailers. Kane's Silage trailers are one of the most widely recognizable...
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FS 2013 : Johnston front loader tools v 1 [sp]

Johnston-front-loader-tools Johnston front loader tools Mod
Johnston Front Loader Tools Johnston Brothers based in Fintona, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland manufacture a range of agricultural trailers, shear grabs, buckrakes and equipment
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featured FS 2013 : Force Ford Tractors v 1 [sp]

Ford-force-tractors Force Ford Tractors Mod
Ford Force Tractors The Ford Force Tractor range was launched in 1968. In 1971 the 7000 was added to the range as is noted as one of the first massed produced 80-100hp 4 cylinder tractors with a turbo...
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featured FS 2013 : Taarup Mower Pack v 1.0 [sp]

Kverneland-taarup-mower-pack--2 Taarup Mower Pack Mod
Kverneland Taarup Mower Pack A selection of mowers of various shapes and sizes from the Kverneland Group Mod Features The pack contains the following mowers: Kverneland Taarup 4028 - 9ft Mower Conditioner...
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FS 2013 : Buckrake Pack v 1.0 [sp]

Buckrake-pack Buckrake Pack Mod
Buckrake Pack Based near Dungannon, Northern Ireland, Wylie Engineering produce a range of silage grabs, buckrakes and grass toppers. Based in Gloucestershire, England, Albutt specialise in equipment...
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FS 2013 : Albutt Telehandlers attachments v 1.0 [sp]

Albutt-telehandler-attachments Albutt Telehandlers attachments Mod
Albutt Telehandler Attachments Based in Gloucestershire, England, Albutt specialise in equipment for materials handling for the agricultural, construction and waste management industries. Mod Features...
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FS 2013 : JF FCT1060 Pro Tec v 1.0 [sp]

Jf-fct1060-pro-tec JF FCT1060 Pro Tec Mod
JF FCT 1060 Pro Tec trailed precision chop harvester JF’s long running mid range forage harvester, the 1050, was replaced at the end of 2011 with the 1060. This was one of many updates to the JF range...
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featured FS 2013 : Round Bale Mod v 1 [sp]

Round-bale-mod Round Bale Mod Mod
The Round Bale Mod 4ft (1.25m) bales are more common in the UK and Ireland compared to the 6ft round bales present in Farming Simulator 2013. This modpack contains a McHale F550 fixed chamber round...
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featured FS 2013 : Ifor Williams Flatbed Trailers v 1 [sp]

Ifor-williams-flatbed-trailers Ifor Williams Flatbed Trailers Mod
Ifor Williams Flat Bed Trailers Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd have been manufacturing trailers since 1958. Based in Denbighshire, Wales, they have manufactured over half a million trailers, becoming...
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FS 2013 : Kane Low Loader Trailer v 1 [sp]

Kane-low-loader-trailer Kane Low Loader Trailer Mod
Kane Low Loader Trailer Kane Trailers were established in 1969 as a follow on to the family’s silage contracting business. The company is based outside Ballynahinch, Co Down, Northern Ireland and...
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FS 2013 : Kidd 346 Double Chop Forage Harvester v 1 [sp]

Kidd-346-6-double-chop-forage-harvester Kidd 346 Double Chop Forage Harvester Mod
Kidd 346-6 Double Chop Forage Harvester Mention the “Kidd” name to farmers and the majority of them will think of “double chop”. Kidd launched it’s double chop harvester in 1967, in a period when UK...
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FS 2013 : JF FH1450 Forage Harvester v 1 [sp]

Jf-fh1450-forage-harvester JF FH1450 Forage Harvester Mod
JF FH 1450 Single Chop Forage Harvester JF launched their first side mounted harvester in 1960, at a time when the main feed source on farms was hay. As times changed, side mounted forage harvesters...
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FS 2013 : Kverneland UN7000 v 1 [sp]

Kverneland-un7000 Kverneland UN7000 Mod
Kverneland UN7000 Forage Trailer The Kverneland UN7000 and similar trailers made by the likes of JF are popular in Kverneland’s home country of Norway and the other Scandinavian countries. Essentially...
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FS 2013 : Vossakasso Forage Boxes v 1 [sp]

Vossakasso-forage-boxes Vossakasso Forage Boxes Mod
Vossakasso Forage Boxes On steep land, these boxes can be used were a conventional trailer would overturn. This is particularly beneficial in steep mountainous terrain. It has been argued that a Vossakasso...
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FS 2013 : HMV Quick Attach Frame v 1 [sp]

Hmv-quick-attach-frame HMV Quick Attach Frame Mod
HMV Frame The HMV quick coupler allows implements to be quickly attached to a tractor were speed is vital. Mod Features The frame is designed to be used with our Vossakasso Forage Boxes, allowing...
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FS 2013 : NI Modding Map Objects Pack v 1 [sp]

Ni-modding-map-objects-pack NI Modding Map Objects Pack Object
  NI Modding Map Objects Pack This pack contains a selection of farm buildings, gates, fences, walls, and dwelling houses suitable for map makers. Objects included - Machinery sheds - Silage pits...
  1. ni_modding 07. 12 2012

    Mod: NI Modding Map Objects Pack

    use giants editor

  2. ni_modding 07. 12 2012

    Mod: NI Modding Map Objects Pack
    Please remember these are for map makers. You must use Giants Editor to add them to a map

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