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You are the heir to the throne, but the monarch might live a very long time. You intend to speed things along, but it will only work if the major personalities in the kingdom back your play. You need to buy, trick, or eliminate anyone who might stand in your way.

A solitaire game of conspiracy and manipulation!

In this game, personality cards represent different people in the kingdom who you need to control; personalities are the cards done up like face cards, with two close-ups of a single figure. All of the other cards represent elements that you can use to control personalities.

  • The basic deck consists of 36 cards.
  • This version uses cards with the classic illustrations.
  • This game uses the Decktet, a six-suited deck of cards that can be used to play dozens of different games.

For anyone that has questions, suggestions, or would like to report an error, you can comment below or message me directly here on by clicking my username.

More Info

  • Decktet Wiki Entry for Adaman
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Where to buy

The Decktet is not available in stores or from major distributors. Instead you can order printed decks from a couple of different vendors, or you can print your own.

If you are interested in buying and supporting Decktet you can find links on the official website




22.11 2021
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