AutoCiv - 0 A.D. features enhancer

V 0.14.0 mod for 0 A.D.

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What is AutoCiv
This mod is an aggregation of features meant to enhance the 0 A.D. game experience. I usually implement these extra features as they come up with no general plan in mind.

Feature list

  • General
    • Hotkey viewer & editor: press F4 to open it
    • Player mute
    • Player reminder (show a written note when a certain player joins)
    • Link opener (opens URL links from the chat)
    • Lobby resize bars
    • Help command: type /help to see all available commands
    • Console with autocomplete (Ctrl + C + L)
  • Game setup
    • Auto-assign civilization with chat (only works if host has the mod)
    • Custom population limit
    • Custom starting resources
    • Custom map size
    • Map browser
  • In Game
    • Hotkeys for (see hotkeys with hotkey viewer)
      • Buildings
      • Buildings selection
      • Units selection
      • Formations (selected units)
      • Stances (selected units)
      • Auto-train (selected buildings)
      • Minimap expand
    • APM (actions per minute) with chart (disabled by default, change in user.cfg)
    • Current/Max gatherers status bar for your own fields (Tab or hover to view)
    • Snap to edges for buildings (backport for a23
  • Graphics
    • FXAA [Anti-aliasing] (unmark post-processing graphics to disable)
    • Chromatic aberration [lenses effect] (unmark post-processing graphics to disable)
  • Settings
    • Max corpses visible

Mod compatibility(s)
The mod is compatible with:

  • 0 A.D 0.0.23b
  • 0 A.D 24 svn (work in progress)
  • FGod (version 1.6.22)
  • Should work with all mods that don't have heavy code changes.

More stuff & goodies
For more info just read the whole thread where I post new features.

Questions & feedback
You don't understand how it works? Feeling confused? Just wanna comment? Ask and post.



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    Version 0.14.0



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