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Nuketown is mayhem at its finest. In place of Nuketown’s original Everytown, America design, here we have a Soviet outpost being used as a nuclear testing site in snow-strewn Chernobyl.

To the west is a two-story green building with onion domes facing the eastern orange building, also two stories with a near identical layout. Both buildings feature a second story front-facing window that can be used to fire down at enemies on the street or across on another. The upper floors are also open to the back, where a small deck provides a vantage point over the rear yard, connected to a staircase for exterior access to the upper floor.

Replacing the bus and semi-truck are two train cars, which obscure views down the middle and are often the scene of frenetic close-quarters fighting. The eastern orange car has an open interior, great for launching attacks against either building or up north by the car. To the south, a solitary 4x4 provides one of the strongest power points on the map, with the vehicle offering cover as you take out players left, right, and center.

Yards behind each house offer some respite from the central chaos, yet can become quite active themselves in objectives modes and during times when a team pushes into enemy territory. Take note of the far rear fencing where much of the spawning takes place — this is the most isolated area on either side of the map.




10.01 2022
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