Brothilium (Globomite factory)

V 0.5.15 mod for Meeple Station

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This is an example mod created as an introduction to the new channels system. You can create your own types of circuits and networks using the same logic you're use to seeing in fuel lines and power circuits.

This Brothilium mod introduces a new channel called Br3. It makes use of this channel with 4 new furniture pieces, the brothilium pipe, processor, tank and globomite compressor. The concept is that by consuming raw brothium, turning it into liquid form, you can then skip the usual long refinery process and automatically compress it into globomite with much fewer resources and costs.

There are currently no limit to the number of channels that can be introduced, and furniture can use and be a part of multiple channels simultaneously. This also Includes tiles.


  • 27 Jul 01:31
    Version 0.5.15


15.02 2019
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