Castle Blood 0AD

V 0.0.3 mod for 0 A.D.

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This is a concept only. I've mostly made a small trigger script which spawns a new unit every 5 seconds. Once a player has killed a number of the enemy the units upgrade to a stronger unit. These units were simply chosen for the concept. The increments for the kill to new upgraded units are:

5 units/athen_infantry_slinger_b
7 units/athen_infantry_javelinist_b
9 units/athen_infantry_marine_archer_b
11 units/athen_infantry_spearman_b
13 units/athen_cavalry_javelinist_b
15 units/athen_cavalry_swordsman_b
17 units/athen_hero_iphicrates
19 units/athen_hero_pericles
21 units/athen_hero_themistocles
23 units/athen_hero_xenophon

A new map was created to establish trigger points for spawning. Not sure if that would be necessary in future versions.



  • 28 Oct 16:41
    Version 0.0.3



07.08 2020
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