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V 0.1.0-rc4 mod for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Completely open source:

If you'd like to collaborate on the project, please contact me via discord (̑????#4344) on the TW Forums - Modding discord or the Mount and Blade discord.

This is going to be a mod that just fixes up some things in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord before the Devs & QA team can get to them.
Hopefully we can incorporate various community fixes together in one mod and enable other mods to behave better together.

Current Fixes

  • Perks
    • Athletics
      • Extra Arrows
      • Extra Throwing Weapon
      • Peak Form
    • Leadership
      • Disciplinarian Fixed in e1.0.6
      • Ultimate Leader
    • Scouting
      • Healthy Scout
    • Riding
      • Spare Arrows
      • Spare Throwing Weapon
      • Bow Expert
      • Conroi
      • Crossbow Expert
      • Filled To Brim
      • Squires
      • Trampler
      • Nomadic Traditions
      • Horse Grooming
    • Bow
      • Mounted Archer
      • Large Quiver
      • Battle Equipped
    • Crossbow
      • Crossbow Cavalry
    • Throwing
      • Fully Armed
      • Battle Ready
    • Steward
      • Agrarian
      • Assessor
      • Bannerlord
      • Enhanced Mines
      • Food Rationing
      • Logistics Expert
      • Man-At-Arms
      • Nourish Settlement
      • Prominence
      • Prosperous Reign
      • Reconstruction
      • Reeve
      • Ruler
      • Supreme Authority
      • Swords As Tribute
      • Tax Collector
      • Warmonger
      • War Rations
    • Engineering
      • Ballistics
      • Construction Expert
      • Improved Masonry
      • Good Materials
      • Everyday Engineer
      • Builder
      • Scavenger
      • Armorcraft
      • Wall Breaker
      • Imperial Fire
      • Resolute
    • Roguery
      • Party Raiding
      • Eye for Loot
      • For the Thrill
      • Slip into Shadows
      • Briber
      • Negotiator
      • Bribe Master
      • Escape Artist
      • Slave Trader
      • Merry men
    • Two Handed
      • Quick Plunder
      • Eviscerate
    • Tactics
      • Companion Cavalry
      • Tactical Superiority
      • One Step Ahead
      • Elusive
      • Bait
      • Logistics
      • Ambush Specialist
      • Phalanx
      • Hammer and Anvil
      • Trusted Commander
  • Policies
    • Land Grants For Veterans
  • Feats
    • Aserai Cheap Caravans Fixed in e1.3.0
    • Battanian Forest Agility
    • Khuzait Cavalry Agility
    • Sturgian Snow Agility
  • Learning Rate explanation
  • Item Comparison perk-based coloring
  • Party Morale bonus being too low for >10 food variety
  • Fixed crash that occurs when the Neutral clan gains a clan tier
  • Warn user that early story quests will timeout
  • Fix detection of snowy terrain and apply snow movement debuff as a factor of snow density

Current Features

  • Enable and Disable the Intro Video
  • Enable and Disable Menu when encountering a neutral or enemy army.
  • Generate Diagnostic Report
  • Toggle recording First Chance Exception info (don't use unless troubleshooting bugs)
  • Automatically capture Diagnostic Info to the Clipboard when an Unhandled Exception crash occurs


Mods can add a element containing traditional that will be only loaded after the first tick of the game. This also allows delay loaded mods to refer to other modules' assemblies, such as SandBox's SandBox.ViewModelCollection.dll etc.

Manual install instructions

Extract the zip to your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules directory, you should see a new directory called CommunityPatch. If the directory already existed from a previous install, you should delete it before extracting the new version (unless you know what you're doing already).
You may optionally delete the src and tools directories if you don't need them.
In the future, releases (may) not include them.

You may need to right click on the CommunityPatch\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\*.dll files, click Properties, and click Unblock if you extracted the zip file with Windows Explorer or other programs that try to secure extracted files. Future releases may not use zip files to avoid this.
If you want to contribute, check out the project to your "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\CommunityPatch" directory and use JetBrains Rider as an IDE, load the CommunityPatch.sln solution file.

Mod banner by Xaphedo


  • 15 Jul 05:08
    Version 0.1.0-rc4


05.04 2020
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