Concordia (incl. Venus) (2013)

V mod for Tabletop Playground

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This is only valid Concordia module online. All TTS modules contains errors in market decks.

Module contains:

Venus currently not included, but it will be on reaching 100 subscribers for this module. Name added prior for SEO reasons.

Do not forget to write in comments if you have better scans or found error, know how to do better!
Also if you want to enhance this version, do not create new one. Write about it in comments, we will discuss how to better implement your enhancement, you will be added as coauthor of this module.

Additional Credits
Ancient Roman furniture: office table by Albert Gregl (
Scutum by Juani Forn (
Greek x Templar Hybrid Ancient Helmet by Cinnamine (




11.01 2022
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