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You had to go to the mall. You can't find your car in the parking lot. You're terrified of elevators. And the mailman just saw your ass.

In The Devil's Level you attempt to balance your Depression, Horny, and Genius levels to achieve a state of Chillin. Then, and only then, will you be on The Devil's Level.

The Devil's Level is a fast-paced, weird card game for 2+ players and contains mature concepts for ages 18+

Players play level cards to achieve a total of 6 for each type of level. "Stuff" cards provide permanent powers, "Effects" are one-time use. "Irony" cards can cancel other cards. Contains the expansion decks, for a total of 290 cards.


Some notes on this TTP version:

  • The level counter is automatic and visible to all players, even if the cards are face down.
  • There is a spot on the player mats labeled "Play Zone" where you can place a card, and its name and text will be sent out to all players. There are no other effects from this zone yet, but I would eventually like to use that zone to handle card automation.
  • The "STUFF CARDS" part of the Player Mat is technically a Card Holder. This will probably cause some problems with trying to steal the stuff cards of other players or even see them, but I haven't been able to test that.
  • The full rules text is in the notes.
  • The level counters will not tally cards of the wrong type, or cards that are typoed (like "DDL1). It is not possible for the host to change this setting yet.
  • There are two otherwise identical starting states: the default, and the "lower poly" state that uses a table without the embossed skull.
  • All models are made by me, and you're welcome to use them in your own projects. Please give me some credit if you do. All scripting is mine, same deal. Not all textures are made by me (the cat bite token, the embroidery, the table wood texture).
  • You're welcome to fork this and make your own version, but I encourage you to contact me (here or on the TTP discord) so we can work together on it.
  • Specific card notes
    • "Foill Ball": This card can be crumpled with a button that hovers near it. You can also pull out a pre-crumpled ball from any of the three boxes. When a player drops the ball, it will send any cards it touches (until it comes to a rest) to that player's hand, per the card text.
    • "Write waht you want on here": This card's text is editable. Edited text will persist across saves, and will be properly announced in the Play Zone.
    • "Paper Shreder": card probably won't work well with the way Stuff Cards are handled on the player mat. I recommend setting it to the side of the player mat.
    • "I Don't Need A Plate": I don't have any recommendations on how to properly use this card using TTP's physics engine. You may wish to dump it and draw another.
    • "Ghost of Boodleheimer": I recommend not overthinking or being overly strict with this card. Just throw something off the table, and take a level card, regardless of where players are looking.
    • "Saint Boodleheimer": I recommend just putting on a blindfold (default: the B key) instead of locking yourself in the bathroom.
    • "Foill Hadn": I don't have a great way of representing this card's effects. Discuss with the other players how to handle this effect

Known Bugs:

  • Using the Foill Ball Ball by dropping it on cards will throw errors in the console, but otherwise will work fine.
  • If the Foill Ball Ball falls off an object a player is carrying, it will count as being dropped by that player, and trigger its steal cards effect.

Todo list:

  • Use better scans (these were all taken with my phone and cleaned up as best as I could, sorry)
  • Make it so onTick effects run less frequently.
  • Add coins (US quarter?) for use with the Cat Bite card.
  • Add some other custom objects just for entertainment value.
  • Add an interface for the host to change some settings,
  • Make it easier for players to see the levels of other players
  • Hide level counters from other players if the cards are face down (as per the effects of Shadow Admin).
  • Fully automate all card effects.



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