Downtown Showdown

V 1.0 mod for DUSK

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The military's called martial law on what's left of the crumbling downtown of DUSK. The skyscraper ought to be the source; rock and rumble your way through the city to reach that tower of terror.


A brutal, wild romp through a city turned into a warzone plagued with the terrors from beneath DUSK. Your only goal: Reach the skyscraper which cuts deep into the outer atmosphere beyond the decaying, infested skyline. With nearly 280 enemies and 6 elusive secrets, it ought to be a nasty fight. These foes won't be letting you off easy.

Installation instructions in the .zip! This map is a direct sequel to Urban Turmoil and Derailed; after completing Urban Turmoil it will load you into this map, so long as both Urban Turmoil and Downtown Showdown are installed.

Check out the map_src .zip for the .map source file and required .wad files for textures to load correctly.



  • 16 Sep 23:12
    Version 1.0

    Initial release! Aww yeah!
    Source files and necessary .wad files available in the map_src .zip folder!



16.09 2020
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