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V v1.3-milestone1 mod for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Ctrl+f/Search/Find in party screen, trading, inventory, and even barter, so you don't have to waste time scrolling list.
Compatible with Party Enhanced mod

Source code: github
Licence: licence

  • Milestone 1 => search within items, troops, and barter screen [DONE]
  • Milestone 2 => search within save data, your fiefs, and other lords in troop management window
  • Milestone 3 => macos like spotlight search

harmony mod id: org.calradia.admiralnelson.findeverywhere


  • 15 Jul 05:08
    Version v1.3-milestone1

    This mod is compatible with beta and stable branch (version 1.4.x and 1.3.x)

    Added 1.3 binary
    changes the version in xml manifest
    Fix crash when upgrading party after filtering
    removed debug msg


07.05 2020
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