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  • Player position randomnization on skirmish maps
    • Keeps teams together, no matter how you define teams at gamesetup.
    • Works flawlessly with the current PetraAI
    • * Added most official WildFireGames skirmish maps to the mod, to be played with player position randomnization (and everything else in this mod).
  • Obstruction templates. They will make sure you can't ungarrison over ridges you are not supposed to.
  • 2 maps: "X" and "A Path Beyond II". More than likely more will come in the future :D.
  • My own custom set of iber defenses for the Iberian civ (see A Path Beyond II screenshots).
  • Arrows, slinger & ballista stones, and bolts now have a (slight) trail.
  • Redone flaming arrow/javs and siege particles (it was a fire trail, now it's more fireball with a smoke trail).
  • New building: Field Camps. Available for all civs. They can only be build inside neutral and enemy territory (max 3). Max 10 (12 for some civs) can be garrisoned. Units will slowly heal while garrisoned and the heal can be boosted by garrisoning priests/doctors/surgeons and even more with the new added tech "Quick Thinking". The camp/tent can be destroyed easily even be a decent army of regular units, but cannot be captured.
  • Reworked priests. They can now build (and also help build, with reduced effectiveness) the new Field Camps and can now attack, with weak power. They can no longer heal units on the battlefield, they instead now boost healing done in field camps. Limit = 6.
  • Units now enter a wounded state when their health drops below a treshold. They will receive a movement and attack speed penalty while in this state. Units in this state will receive a bandage icon on them.
  • Some general changes to units:
    • All units move a little faster.
    • Slingers, Javelineers became slightly more accurate, archers slightly less accurate.
    • Slingers received slightly more attack speed and damage.
    • Ranged champions and heros now have the same attack speed and accuracy.
  • Archers including hero's and champions:
    • Attack damage is increased but they now shoot much slower, are less accurate, and take longer to aim.
      (Logic: Some bows require considerable amount of power to draw, especially longbows)
    • Ranged archer cavalry (incl hero & champ) now have less range, accuracy and attack power compared to ranged infantry
      archers but higher attack speed.
      (Logic: Cavalry archers actually used lighter bows than infantry)
    • Champion and hero archers aim/attack faster and have more damage (like usual but tweaked the numbers).
      Hero archers have the same aim/attack speed as champions but much more health (unmodded) and damage (tweaked).

* A few skirmish maps are not included for randomnization for this mod for various reasons with them mainly being:

  1. The map is more a scenario type of map (extra units/structures).
  2. There is not much point in randomnization if the starting positions are or nearly are identical (or symmetrical),
    and would otherwise need slight modifications for the mod.

Look for the maps with my mod logo on them, they are the ones that work with randomnization.

Wildfiregames forum post: mod: Grapejuice - Game Modification - Wildfire Games Community Forums

Massive thanks for the help: Badosu, Stan, Nani, Wraitii




01.02 2021
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