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Let's Fight

  • 0 A.D. is an open-source RTS game (https://play0ad.com/)

  • Let's Fight is a 0 A.D. gameplay balance mod for Alpha 24 (Xšayāršā)


Currently the meta of Alpha 24 is skewed towards turtling via walls, towers, and forts.

This problem is exacerbated by the advantage that archers, units that already have high range, have over other ranged units.

This mod aims to provide gameplay that is more rewarding for aggressive players and roughly equalize the strength of civilizations to allow for a greater variety of strategies.

In particular, there is an emphasis on encouraging players to utilize different strategies depending on the civilization and situation of the game.

Several balance changes in this mod were based on discussions in the "Gameplay Discussion" and "Balancing Discussions" sub-forums.


  • Drag and drop the pyromod file over the 0ad start icon or open the pyromod file with pyrogenesis.exe
  • The mod will be downloaded and you will be taken to the "Mod Selection" page (if not, then click "Settings" -> "Mod Selection")
  • Click on the "letsfight" mod in the "Available Mods" and click "Enable" in the bottom left
  • Click "Save Configuration" in the bottom right
  • Click "Start Mods" in the bottom right




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