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This mod makes everyday life easier as a homeless person in a Country like Austria.
The opening times of the shops are also adjusted to Austria.
However, only slightly so that the survival factor is preserved.
All adjustments are based on the legal system in Austria.
A country that is social towards the homeless (mostly).

I take great care that all things are always balanced and realistically modified.
However, in order to maintain the survival factor, we have not simplified the whole thing too much.
It should still be challenging or?! :o)

Big Life Mod

!!!!!!! HOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD !!!!!!!

Start your game and use the "Mods" button. Then click on the button to display the Mod folder.
Now just drag the mod folder "LifeBalancer_MODPKG" into this folder.
It is important that this folder is in the same folder as "Vanilla".

Now restart your game and click on Mods again.
Now you should be able to select the mod in the left view.
Click on it to set it to active (right column under Vanilla).

Done! Now press the ESC key and follow the instructions to restart the game.
Now load your save status and confirm loading the mod.

The game will warn you that installing mods is dangerous and could damage your save status.
However, we take great care that we only modify things that have no effect on your save status!
For security reasons, you should still duplicate your current save status! (save a second time under another name).

Below you can see the features of this mod!
Changes are always added with the date. You can find a german translation within the Mod Folder (XC_* .txt Files)

# 08.04.2020 | Mod Version: 1.1

1.) Shop modifications have been removed from this mod
> if you want to have this modifyd you should check out the BigLife Mod!

# 01.04.2020 | Mod Version: 1.0

1.) Weather update

From now on there is "gentler" (Austria) weather.
The conditions are not that hard anymore and it doesn't rain so much and you don't freeze all the time.

2.) Blue Berries
Collecting blue berries is no longer considered criminal. (+ Spawn rate improved)

3.) Alcohol is bad but also good
the speed reduction was loosened a little so that you are no longer traveling as slowly :)
Crime was also removed because alcohol is permitted in public in Austria.

4.) Breaking doors not more causing end of the world
5.) Being caught stealing doesn't mean the end anymore
6.) Church flyers now also reduce crime a bit

7.) Smoking cigarettes
is now more harmful to health than before, but it also increases stamina and speed values ​​more.
In addition, you feel fuller after smoking, but also get a little dirtier (it stinks and your mouth .. ugh ^^)

8.) The Firebin
now gives you stamina and lowers your crime somewhat.
In Austria it is forbidden to make a fire without a permit, but we say that Firebins are public fireplaces.
This allows homeless people to warm up and recharge their batteries and lower their criminality as police officers see that they are sitting peacefully by the fire and warming up.

9.) Fishing is no longer as much criminal now
10.) Eating cause less stomach problems and give you a little more stamina
11.) Gastro Boy now also gives some stamina and speed

12.) Joints
A somewhat extensive topic, but briefly explained, gives you life now since not a single death due to canabis is known.
You now get some life and your crafting speed increases instead of decreasing (you can get very creative by consuming cannabis). Your stamina also increases (you feel intoxicated)! You will get dirty and slow anyway and it will remain criminal! Laws ...;)

13.) Washing in public now creates less trouble

14.) Rain
if it rains you get more anonymity (less crime points) because the police are reluctant to go out when it rains and you are therefore more unobserved.

15.) Lightening up in public now creates less trouble!
16.) Sleep is now more worthwhile!
17.) Shopping with smugglers is less annoying!
18.) During sprinting you lose the wanted level
19.) Rummaging in the trash now makes for less trouble
20.) Fever makes less damage

21.) Shop opening times
Apparel, Books, Food, Grow & Hardware shops are now open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


  • 27 Jul 01:36
    Version 1.1

    1.) Shop modifications have been removed from this mod
    > if you want to have this moodifyd you should check out the BestFriends Mod!


02.04 2020
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