MAN SX44 6x6 (KAT)

V 1.0.2 mod for SnowRunner

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3D model, textures and scripting by ElektroNudel.
Scripting and additional modelling by sovietunion3000.

Planned enhancements for future updates:

  • Custom sideboard, flatbed and fuel tank frame addons
  • Better wheel options
  • Adjustable color schemes
  • Rooftop addons (AC-unit, floodlights, spare parts)
  • (Custom sounds – we are unsure of the feasibility of that one)

Known issues (will be fixed in upcoming updates):

  • The spare wheel seems to have some normal mapping related issue, that we were not able to track down yet.
  • The landmark model (the simplified model of the truck, shown on the map) is currently set to the model of the DAN 96320. We tried to replace it with our own, but it would always show the “missing model”, even though it correctly loaded in the editor. If anyone knows how to fix that, tell us in the comments :)
  • The gauges in the c*ckpit are misaligned and therefore invisible

Unfortunately we are not allowed to write c*ckpit xD


  • 08 Nov 13:13
    Version 1.0.2

    Adjusted SX Tire performance to fit standard mudtires.


08.11 2020
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  1. markuss123 15. 11 2023

    I get this error {"error":"Datei nicht gefunden"}

  2. markuss123 15. 11 2023

    Can I download or purchase this model for use in a 3d Software?