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Additionnal construction:

  • Water tank: Simply holds a lot of water (10 000ml)
  • Water processor: Takes power(10kw),oxygen(3) and Dilithium(1) to make 80ml of waterevery 5 sec.
  • Water_Seller: Sells 10ml of water for 1Credit every 15sec. (consume 5kw/15sec).
  • Energy_Seller: Takes 25kw and generate 1credit every 15 sec.
  • Nuclear Reactor: consume 1 Cocilite and 10 ml of water to create 80kw every 5 sec.
  • TV : Just a furniture
  • Added Wired hull: A hull that is also a circuit.

Change from vanilla:

  • Fish tank: Now consume 20ml of water per food it create per tile.
  • Life support: Now consume twice as much energy and consume 1ml of water per 0.2 sec.
  • Battery cell : cost more to build and slowly loses energy (1 every 10 sec per battery cell).
  • Solar panel : increase cost to build substantially.


  • 27 Jul 01:30
    Version 0.2.0

    Added rotation on seller(water and energy),
    Added wired hull (a hull that is also a circuit).
    Added a TV (furniture)


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