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Welcome to TTPMTG, the ultimate Magic: the Gathering experience for Tabletop Playground!

Features include:

  • Small file size! MTGTTP downloads card information on the fly, rather than storing it all up front.
  • Every card in the game, at your fingertips! New cards are even available without you having to wait for an update!
  • Import decks! You can import both custom decks and precon decks using a single command! We support 8 different deck-builder websites for you to import your decks from.
  • Make draft packs! You can instantly generate random booster packs of any set in the game. Perfect for draft night!
  • Quality of life features, such as advanced life counters, quick-duplicatable counters, and easy tapping and untapping.

Interested? Check out the manual for more information!




09.05 2022
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