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Shoot House is a small-to-mid-sized military training course built to reward precision, speed, and tactical maneuvering. The map features a classic three-lane design littered with shooting targets, shipping containers, ravaged vehicles, and other raw materials.

If there’s a point on the map where Shoot House gets its name, it’s the center lane. There’s a near straight shot through the whole path, with light cover on either end encouraging snipers and other long-range attackers to set up and hit anything that moves. A single cluster of gabions near the middle is all that breaks the line of sight, while the path splits out to all sides of the map.

The south path leads to a junkyard, with several vehicles offering partial cover and a deadly corner trap edged between the center and the archway leading to the eastern shanty town. Like the junkyard, the shanty town is ripe for ambush, featuring a narrow open building and a block shack providing cover on either side.

North of center lie several large shipping crates, under the sight of the elevated middle office building. Steps lead up to the office on either side, making it a popular vantage point.

The main spawn points are the A gate on the west side of the map and the B gate to the east. Scattered pieces of cover on both sides offer some measure of protection as players move up to the center and out to the sides.




13.01 2022
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