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Welcome to the town of Strelok, what was once a cozy little borough in rural Ukraine is now a dead shell of its former self, a place that civilization tried to forget, frozen in time, and harkening to the former glory of a now fallen USSR. What remains of it cannot be saved, however that will not stop you from plundering its carcass, and uncovering the stygian evil that lay beneath the town's power plant.

The map was created by me using Trenchbroom. The custom textures were either made by me or are old Soviet era photos I found on Google Images.

The songs are as follows:

david_example_2.ogg, e1m1_action.ogg and example_action_loop.ogg which are unused songs from the Dusk soundtrack. And Gloom Keep by Aubrey Hodges from the Quake 64 soundtrack.

To install the mod, place the "Shadow of Strelok" folder in the "local" folder, typically located at C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dusk\SDK\mnt\local



  • 28 Oct 16:34
    Version 1.0.0



28.10 2020
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