Shinto Shrine

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Stereoscopic cubemap captured in my favourite VrChat world "Japan Shrine" by RootGently:

The used color effects will go from Sepia to a saturated green-tint with strong contrasts. Later stages will pronounced by increasing bloom effect. See here:

The player base is located at the environments ground level. To make such illusion work, a steroscopic background was chosen. Because it is still static, try not to move too much sideways while playing, as this would give an unusual sensation (Therefore 'moderate' comfort). Unfortunately, this also limits the cameras that make sense in Streamer-Mode.

The mod folder ShintoShrine should appear in Holodance\Holodance_Data\StreamingAssets\ArenaMods\ZeroDistraction\


  • 27 Jul 09:57
    Version 1.0


27.12 2019
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