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This package contains all of the relevant components to make a FPS in Sinespace. These components can be modified to match your game theme. This package contains:

  • FPS Player Lobby (This is where players will land)
  • Enemy Spawners
  • Gun Givers
  • Ammo Givers
  • Health Givers
  • King of the Hill
  • Leaderboards
  • Player Spawners

Along with scripts, textures and models.

These components can be modified and uploaded to Sinespace to make your own FPS game in your region. For more information on how these components work, please see our FPS wiki page or watch our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Please do not share this package to another platform.

For any help or support, please either go to our Discord channel or click on one of the below links:


sinespacewebsite 2

facebookicontest 2

forums 2

sinespacewiki 3



04.04 2019
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