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You stationed your ship in near vicinity to a desert planet. As the sun is about to emerge from the horizont, you programmed the board computer to load up your morning exercise routine...

The notes are made to spawn relatively close in front of you, which offers a improved feeling of presence together with the depth effect of the environment. However, since the travel distance is shorter than usual, you might want to adjust the orb timing in the game mechanics for high BPM beatmaps. Also note that stereoscopic skyboxes have a fixed viewpoint and the camera in streamer mode breaks out of that optimal view, resulting in a changed perception of scale and relations.

The planet surface visible in the background is taken from Steam Workshop, SE Gaseous planets Satellite 1 by Vagre.


  • 03 Aug 20:51
    Version 1.1.0

    Changed lighting scheme to "red sunrise" and reduced glare effects


03.08 2020
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