STFS Scarface - Phoenix (Ace Combat 2) Skin

V 3.0.0 - "Fighter's Honor" Update mod for Avis Rapida

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  • The skin file itself for easy installation and use.
  • A sense of pride and accomplishment when you complete tracks.

Read me:
For installation, follow the guide that is found in the game's Steam local files "modding resources" folder as it will provide you with the author's easy to understand instructions. The mod is created by me - Vimlad, and all I simply ask you to respect is that you don't try to do anything scummy a normal person wouldn't do - like trying to pass it as your own et cetera. You can however freely use it as a point of reference in case you intend to create your own mod, as it will spare you a lot of pain when trying to deteremine the proper positioning of many larger decals!


  • Bandai Namco Entertainment, as well as Project Aces for providing us with the excellence of Ace Combat game for so many years, as well as creating one of my favorite Ace Combat protagonists! They obviously own Ace Combat, the whole concept of Phoenix et cetera - this mod is merely a fan homage to a great franchise and an awesome character.
  • The author of the game thegessoman for creating Avis Rapida, and for giving me a free key on Reddit as a part of his giveaway.
  • The internet for any reference in order to ensure the skin is as accurate as it could be done.
  • Most importantly, you for bothering to read as far - and therefore most likely going through the small effort needed to download this skin! Thank you!

Keep flying, aces! And feel free to use this skin as a more advanced guide in regards to placement of emblems and other liveries on your future skin projects! "Scarface squadron, head out!"


  • 27 Jul 02:11
    Version 3.0.0 - "Fighter's Honor" Update

    Definitive update for the skin that includes adjustments to the texture which allow the engine to appear correctly, among other minor graphical improvements that may be barely noticable but very important towards the general quality of the skin. Now I can definitely say that the skin is 100% complete and outside of any graphical port, the mod will no longer receive any graphical update or support. Thank you for your attention, and downloads! Your continued support makes me proud.

    However, it is worth noting that I did not update the so-called "Infinity" skin as I felt it was disingenuous to the skin itself compared to what Ace Combat 2 portrays.


11.11 2019
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