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Sci-Fi themed environment where the tunnel effect is reinterpret as a tractor beam. You are placed on a hovering platform directly under a "beam-device". The stage with its dim light, strong neon sources and floating particles might remember a bit on a Beatsaber environment...

I seem to be very sensitive to the default tunnel rotation the area has since after the modding support. Because of that, even though I chose it frequently before the update, I rarely play the default now. I tweaked the tunnel behavior to use a minimum of irritating rotations to reduce stress on the player. But the swirling is not completely removed, I just take a different approach.

Originally planned to have the score screen below horizont, near the player platform, but I don't know how to do it since its linked with the note source, which should stay at the center line of sight. I also have the black rectangular hide the ugly ends of the tunnel shader.


  • 03 Aug 21:41
    Version 1.0


03.08 2020
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