Trippy Tunnels Texture Kit

V 1.0.2 mod for Holodance

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Trippy Tunnels - Texture Kit

This is an advanced mod that overrides everything in the Arena Trippy Tunnels of the VR rhythm game Holodance.

It's primarily included here as a template for your own mods. For more details on modding Holodance, see:

Modding Holodance / Beat the Rhythm


Trippy Tunnel comfort-level is generally rated as Moderate because the tunnel has both back and forward movement and rotation which may cause discomfort (motion sickness) for a few players. We have rated this one as Intense because it overrides the default skybox that has stars (so there is a fixed reference point for your eyes) with a pitch black skybox that makes the tunnel movement and rotation effects more intense. Also, the textures we apply increase the effect, and changing the textures for each combo event makes the whole experience even more intense. So this is an example of what can be done, not so much an example of what should be done.


  • 27 Jul 09:58
    Version 1.0.2

    TunnelMod still had comboLong state active; should not publish like that


09.09 2019
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