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Starting crafts replaced by less advanced ones.


SR–71 Blackbird

F–16C Fighting Falcon



F–22 (starting craft)


Gameplay is supposed to be unmodified in the battles, which should make it possible to use another mod with it that only adds manual items. None of them are tested, though. Note that the helicopter is assumed to only refuel after a battle (and at the base), meaning that it is rather important to build several bases housing soldiers within the first six weeks.

Should this prove too challenging, there's a save file with a built base in North America (OH). Early February is slated for deployment of one additional F–22 and V–22 each (with the save).

The emphasis is certainly on the early game, by the time alien craft technology comes in, possibly quite quickly, the 1990s crafts may need to retire.  Enemy scouts are slightly slower than regular, and there's two more countries in the council, which also generally has a little more money to send.


Rulesets: Thematic. V-22 by Bulletdesigner, MCD/HWP fixes by Hobbes/SteamXcom and Ufopedia image by MKSheppard. Other aircraft imagery sourced from Wikimedia Commons.



05.08 2022
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