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This is a replica of the 4x track in Dobrany from the Euro 4x Series.

It includes a synced gate system with space for 4 riders, perfect for racing or party laps.

You can also switch bike type by holding tab and clicking on your preference, as well as disabling the the gates for practice with 'G'

This track isn't built to be a flow trail so may take a little bit to learn, but it's a very satisfying line to hit at speed :D

Big thanks to nohumanman for all of the scripting within this map, and antgrass for supplying some textures and advice

Hope you enjoy, let me know your best times! [There should also be a category up soon on speedrun.com for those of you looking to get competitive ;) ]

(If the timer stops working, just restart the game and it should fix it)




08.05 2022
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