Adrenaline Mountain (FIXED!!!)

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**PLEASE LEAVE FEED BACK ABOUT THE FRAME RATE!!!** This is my first map. This map has everything that you could possibly want. I do plan to add more trails, and optimize the map a lot if needed. There are 5 1/2 trails, with many different paths that branch off the trail it's self. It may connect you to another trail, or it may lead you to a jump! This map has a lot of trees and a lot of detail, so it may greatly effect performance. That's the main reason why I want you to leave any feedback about the frame rate. And please leave you GPU at least. If you liked this map, please give it a rating! It means a lot, plus it shows me that you all enjoy this type of map. It will let me know that I should keep making these types of maps. Anyways, hope you all enjoy yourself! :)


  • 15 Jul 04:58
    Version 1.5.0

    Big update!


    - Completely remade Big Air, and Kinetic trails.
    - Added a tunnel so Kinetic can travel through the mountain Big air is made on.
    - Big Air was redone, so it’s longer, steeper, faster, and the jump is massive. It allows triple backflips with no jump, and triple front flips with a jump.
    - Added a new section to the Technical trail. It’s twisty and pretty hard. Good luck!
    - Added moving water and moving flags. (Will remove if they cause performance issues.)
    - Made the Arboreal trail smoother.
    - Added fences and arrow signs to help guide you through the trail or Arboreal.
    - Added a new skybox. It looks nicer now. :)
    - Updated map, and added a “You Are Here” “X” on the map to show you where you are when looking at the map.
    - Added a gravestone for 123abc. He and I were riding together, when he lost control and flew off the 200 foot cliff. I hope this make everyone rethink what they are doing when they ride Death Wish trail..


08.12 2019
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