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This mod was based on my Item Levels mod, which made aliens retain all three tiers of weapons throughout the game, so that plasma pistols and plasma rifles could be encountered at later stages. Then I decided to add some more alien weapons, and voila - Alien Armoury Expanded.

The mod does the same as the Item Levels mod, plus adds more weapons for the aliens to use:

  • Plasma Sniper Rifle. It is stronger than Plasma Rifle and considerably more accurate, but lacks auto fire.
  • Plasma Blaster. A hand-held light plasma cannon, encountered on biggest alien vessels and terror missions; it is powerful and deals area damage, but is a little cumbersome to use.

You can research and use these just like all other alien weapons.

Note that this mod is NOT compatible with Item Levels mod nor Solar's New UFOs mod, as it already contains everything that these mods do (and besides, enabling them both at once is likely to end badly).

More alien weapon ideas are welcome, though I don't think we should go overboard with this. :)



  • 27 Jul 09:52
    Version 1.5b

    EDIT: Plasma Caster added.
    EDIT: Language fix.
    EDIT: ListOrder fix.
    EDIT: Alternative Plasma Blaster sprites added.
    EDIT: Sprite screw-up fixed.
    EDIT: Sprite screw-up fixed AGAIN.
    EDIT: And again. I should be paid for doing this.
    EDIT: Added Toxigun.
    EDIT: Added new UFOs from my otherwise incompatible Solar's New UFOs mod.
    EDIT: Fixed Lab Ship map.
    EDIT: Fixed case-sensitiveness for Linux users.
    EDIT: Lowered Plasma Blaster's damage a bit.
    EDIT: Map fixes, less pistols in later game.
    EDIT: Added Fatrat's Elerium Bomb to the deal (by popular demand, and it's pretty wicked).
    EDIT: Fixed some maps and added translations.
    EDIT: Added many ship variants by Hellrazor. Added Spanish and German translation (extracted from Final Mod Pack).
    EDIT: Fixed a bug in the languages.
    EDIT: Updated the mod to the OpenXCom changes. If you're still using the 1.0 release (stable), please use 1.3.9 instead of 1.5.



15.08 2018
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