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Credit goes to

Canadian Beaver - Making Awesome Guns, the mod this is based off of, and for doing all the sprites as well. Seriously this wouldn't exist without them.

Greenscarf - Showing off vapor trails. I really wouldn't have figured out that they work in UFO if they hadn't.

Everyone in the OpenXcom Discord - Being super supportive and patient with me! It meant a lot and I've learned a lot about the game thanks to you!

Amazing Armaments

This megamod adds several guns, across several tiers, as well as a few craft armaments, armors, and assorted explosives. From extremely high calibre snipers that fire elerium bombs and vials of acid to a multi-stun bomb launcher, there is indeed a gun that will cover nearly all of your needs, as well as any needs that you will never reasonably have but want to be prepared for anyhow.

Ballistic weapons are pretty weak, and not great for use against aliens. They should be phased out by Alloy ammunition (acquired by researching alloys, and then then "improved ammunition") as quickly as possible.
Acid ammunition can be researched after a celatid autopsy, and deal massive damage to floaters, cyberdiscs, and sectopods
Laser weapons are quite a bit stronger now and also light fires, but also require elerium to produce and can't be autofired.
Plasma weapons only fire when aliens use them, to prevent silly monkeys like us from picking them up and firing back. However we can simply rebuild them to fire in OUR hands instead. Converted plasma weapons lack the raw power of lasers but can also fire multiple times in succession.

Remain wary however, for the aliens may also have tricks up their sleeves...

*Please give feedback so that I can make this better*




14.05 2021
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