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This is a tiny, standard-compliant OpenXCom mod package. Install like any other standard OpenXCom mod.

This is based on previous works from the OpenXCom forums - please review and discuss there:,1713.0.html

The original mod this is based off includes both "large-font" characters, as well as "small-font" characters. I personally strongly dislike the "large-font" character styling, but I adore the "small-font" characters. So I made this package, that only includes the small-font characters.

This has only been tested (And only very briefly, at that) with English/TFTD on OpenXCom Extended 7.0.3, but is expected to work with any OpenXCom or OpenXCom Extended release that isn't prehistoric, and for both Enemy Unknown and TFTD.




28.04 2021
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