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After messing around a while in SnowRunner (my first time in this genre), I decided to tweak a few things to help my enjoyment factor of an already great game. This is just a few small tweaks that I figured I'd share.

  • Steering Responsiveness increased in all vehicles
  • Fuel Capacity increased in all vehicles (75%-95%)
  • Rear Suspension stiffened for both the Chevy CK1500 and the International Scout 800
  • Exhaust Particles lifetime length increased (a bit more black smoke)
  • Winch Range and Power slightly extended for all models

This is a *no subscribe* manual install only mod. I have included a text file in the zip with the instructions for installation.

This mod will not be compatible with any mod that changes any of the files included.


  • 14 Jul 17:47
    Version 1.0

    1.0 - Initial Release


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