Berliet T100

V 1.2 mod for SnowRunner

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Version 1.2

Added: custom addons, flags and stickers, soft front suspension,


The player level requirement of the second engine has been reduced to 5, the third to 10.

Truck speed increased by ~5 km / h and fuel consumption increased by 10%.

The size of the cabin and bumper mirrors was slightly increased.

The steering wheel position is aligned.

The dual wheels are aligned in the Z position.

Small changes to textures and meshes.

Fixed loud sound in cockpit.



French giant of the Berliet company from the middle of the 20th century. Only 4 trucks were made in various shapes and layouts.

It has:

- 3 engine types;

- 2 standard transmission types;

- 2 types of suspension;

- 5 proprietary interchangeable wheel pairs;

- 3 types of snorkel;

- 9 custom + 4 standard add-ons;

- custom windows, exhaust pipes and equipment for the cabin;

- your textures;

- accessories for the cockpit and decorations for the hood;


Standard trailers and semi-trailers of trucks are registered.


Modell: VladSib72
Textur: VladSib72
Script: VladSib72
Idee / Konzept: VladSib72
Tester: VladSib72
Sonstige: VladSib72


  • 27 May 17:17
    Version 1.2



27.05 2021
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V 1.2
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