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Did you receive Piranha as a reward and thought you got junk again? Again an interceptor that you will not use? So much so that it's better to forget about it in total and be patient until you get something better? Maybe you again climbed into the game files to make Piranha something worthwhile?

it was

it was 1

weapon before

Now it's all in the past!
I present to you a mod that makes Piranha a great interceptor in the early game, used in the middle and even needed in the late game. (XPiratez)

What do you get by installing this mod?

  • fuelMax: 1650 (650) This means increasing the range of your Piranhas. Let them swim all over the ocean!
  • damageMax: 250 (30) Piranha no longer gets destroyed after 1 hit, and can even withstand fighters, larger ships due to maneuverability.
  • speedMax: 3500 (2750) The Piranha swims faster, but not fast enough to catch up with everything in the game. (Balance)
  • accel: 6 (6)
  • avoidBonus: 35 (35)
  • hitBonus: 5 (5)

I thought to increase, but this is already enough. It's not imba, but an improvement.

on mod 1

it now

  • weapons: 4 (2) Piranhas have many teeth. Why limit it in the number and size of teeth.

weapon now

You can install all the weapons in the game on each of the weapon slots. Whether it's a 25mm cannon or a 120mm naval gun.

all types available

  • costRent: 2250 (22500) The content is reduced by 20 times. You can use a lot of Piranhas, because they always hunt in pride.

2250 rent now

  • radarRange: 600 (300) The Piranha can hunt on its own without relying on the radar at the base.
  • radarChance: 100 (80) You can't hide from a Piranha while hunting.

And it's all free for you. So what are you waiting for?




19.06 2022
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