Consty's Aircraft Pack: Ordnance (CAP:O) -BETA-

V mod for Space Engineers

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Scriptless version for X-Box


A weapons pack to go with my Tech-focused Aircraft pack.

Current blocks:

Rocket Pod
Rocket Pod - Pylon
- Non-conveyored rocket pod that can carry 19 rockets (HE and AP)
- Max Range 2.5km
- Has 2 Ammo types: HE and AP

AIM-9 Mount
AIM-9 Mount Offset Left
AIM-9 Mount Offset Right
- More powerful missile that can kill enemy aircraft
- Max Range 2.5km

1000lb Bomb Mount
- A powerful bomb that is dropped indirectly (ensure straight movement when dropping to prevent self detonation)

20mm Rotary Cannon
1x1 Slope Embedded 20mm Rotary Cannon
1x2 Slope Base Embedded 20mm Rotary Cannon
1x2 Slope Base Embedded 20mm Rotary Cannon Mirrored
- A three barreled gatling gun with high RoF design to take out lightly armored targets
- Max Range 1.5km

Thin Wing and Slim Wing embedded 20mm Autocannons
6 blocks each;
centered, left, right, offset, offset left, offset right

30mm Chain Gun
- Single barrel autocannon with higher stopping power and range than 20mm
- Max Range 1.7km

PMW Missile Block Set:
Missile Battery
Missile Remote
Missile Gyro
Missile H2 Thruster
Missile H2 Tank
Missile Fin Stabilizer
Missile Programmable Block
Missile Antenna
Missile Warhead
Missile Camera
Missile Sensor

Prebuilt PMW Missiles:

Missile Pylon Block Set:
Pylon Hinge Base
Pylon Hinge Head
Pylon Base
Pylon Tip


All blocks will be grouped under "Consty's Aircraft Pack - Ordnance"

1x2 Slope Base rotaries cannot be fired at the same time using weapon binding because they are different typeIDs



Special Thanks to CrimsonAdder for his A-10 replica for use with my weapons.



If you wish to use this mod in a server, or reupload for rebalance, please ask for permission first

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