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The Domitor Class of super battleships were developed by the Legion to be the pinnacle of ship design and the single largest ship in the Legion. These immense beasts of warfare were to be the ultimate weapon, armed with everything the Legion ***** mount on them and clad in thick heavy armor to include two massive super beam projectors, countless guided missile batteries of varying sizes including nukes, and multiple giant mass driver cannon turrets. Twenty-five of these monstrosities were to be produced but the battle of Casmius would lead to the complete destruction of the Inconsilus Drive Yards, the only facility with enough resources and facilities of sufficient size to build the Domitor and only three of the battleships were completed. Today the three surviving Domitor class battleships are still one of the most feared vessels in the galaxy, laying waste to entire enemy fleets and burning planets to cinders with their near apocalyptic firepower. There are whispers however within the Legion High Fleet of another secret facility nearing completion that ***** once again produce more of these gargantuan terrors and unleash them onto the enemies of the Legion.




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