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Increases ammunition capacities and Doubles the capacity of some limited single shot weapons. In particular rockets and minilauncher munitions. I figure these weapons are laborious to use and can be quite a hassle, so with inspiration from the halo rocket launcher why not assume they're all double barreled. Keep in mind that this also helps the enemy potentially.

To eliminate the expanded capacities on other weapons just delete the "optional rul" file.

Muskets - 4 shots not 3.

Flintlock Rifle - 3 shots not 2, and is slightly faster to use analogous to the musket. Should give it a more useable lifespan.

Minilauncher and Mini Cannon - 2 shots instead of 1.

Rocket Launcher - 2 shots not 1, same weight. UAC rockets also doubled (yay!). Some other rocket packages halved in weight.

Darts - 6 shots for both harpoons and the dart pistol.

New style of acid minibomb inspired by the heavy slugthrower acid bolts.



17.10 2022
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