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This is a mod that will inject a lot of factions and Mission into the Vanilla game. or a mod using Vanilla Globe and damage modifiers.

The mod has factions:









Plus many more.

The missions are randomly generated each month. Will appear all over the world. You need to first research a Mercenary Guild on your base. After it is built, wait for the next month, and then you will get extra missions.

Completing each mission will net you financial rewards.

Some missions are one off, some are repeat.

This mod is design to work on any vanilla game or mod using vanilla globe and damage modifiers.

Please note this mod has no sea missions. You need to download the Hybrid Megamod for that, the Expansion and Mission pack is a different variant.

Also this mod will inject HUMAN civilians and factions air traffic in the mod. The load order of this mod is important. This mod must always be at the very top of any loading stack.

Mods tested to work together with Faction and Mission DLC pack are:

-Reaver Harmony Mod

-Hardmode mod.

-Most I.D.T mods. Mod will work but not lore compatible

-Hybrid mod and Rebel No Remorse has their own version.

Mods tested to be not compatible.



-Any TFTD mods


-Meridian, for the coding of OXCE and support.
-Supsuper, for the coding of OXC and support.
-Warboy, for the coding of OXC and support.

-Hobbe's for his Terrain Pack
-Solarius for his XComfiles
-Dioxine for his XPiratez

Ver 1.2

Mercenary Guild now has interrogation ability.

All Capture unit need to be interrogated.

Fix on Mercenary guild might crash in base defense mission.

An excluded faction of the Expansion and Mission Pack or DLC is Alien and their Missions. The Original Version has human missions only. Alien expansion also has tons of UFOs not from original Vanilla game and a few missions.

Installation of the Alien faction. Download the folder and copy into the ruleset folder. The reason the Alien faction is not included initially because not all mods had Aliens. If you are installing the Alien folder into a mod without vanilla alien factions, the mod will crash. Please consider which mod you are installing this DLC or pack into.

Not an update, but to allow FTA version of the mod to work.




16.08 2022
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