Fliegl Timber Runner with AutoLoadWood script

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With this Fliegl trailer you can load and unload timber automatically.

O = select side of operation

B = load wood in the range

X = unload wood

Original script from Marhu I made some change; the trailer refuses to load wood out of range, this range and number of branches acceptable, can be configured in xml.

Thanks to Marhu for script and permission, thanks to FSI Modding Team for support and beta testing.

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Good Farming,



Texture: GIANTS
Script: Marhu - fcelsa
Idea / Concept: fcelsa
Testing: fcelsa & FSI Modding Team


  • 27 Nov 10:06




27.11 2016
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8 Comments for Fliegl Timber Runner with AutoLoadWood script

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  1. MisterMods 13. 01 2017

    help guys i downloaded this mod but its not working for me helppp please and btw this mod is sooooo coool

  2. muralha 22. 12 2016

    Awesome mod.
    It's really helpful for single player.

    Quick question, which variables controls the position of the "load" log?
    I would like to try to see if the logs stack better if they drop down alternating a bit to the left or the right... and I also would like to know how to get the vehicle speed so the loading logs don't slide too much to the back.

  3. LeShrimpFarme 04. 12 2016

    Works Great! Please make a Ponsse Buffalo With That Script :))

  4. Rasip 02. 12 2016

    Found something interesting. If your truck tips over and you try to unload the trailer it will dump the whole load of logs under ground.

  5. Excellent mod. Works great. Thanks for the upload. Any chance you could add auto load to a Ponsse Buffalo. Its the main item I used in FS15 with auto load. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. FarmerGiles 29. 11 2016

    I tried to pick up some logs which was real close to each sides of trailer but it wont pick them up can the range be changed so logs can be picked up easier

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  7. Jualmas 27. 11 2016

    Tested and approved. Thank you.

  8. gordieboy 27. 11 2016

    this is great as iv been looking for the fligel timber runner since 2017 came out but no one has moded one till now thanks so much keep up the good work and thanks again